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About Us

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Mr. Mushir Khan is Founder of Axe Infra. He is into business since 2009 and have worked with many major clients in construction sectors. Having the knowledge and vision to make the way to future of our clients and our company. He is willing to take extra steps for customer satisfaction and establish company’s name into industry. Our founder withstands with the team for better outcome even in uncertain situations. He believes in developing new processes to revolutionize our industry.
Axe Infra mission is to continuously improve people quality of life through the built world. We provide the Pan India with premier construction services. Valuing the contribution of every member of the project team guides us in consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. With safety first and strong customer advocacy our aim is to stand out at a true collaborator, turning visions into reality is what we do. We are an organization that believe in transparency and listening to need of customer to creates a culture full of opportunities for our people and our partners, while supporting our client’s ambitions.
We take the long view; serving as trustworthy Axe Infra looking out for the best interests of our clients, our people and the shared resources with which we are entrusted. Axe Infra differences make us stronger by seeking diverse perspectives and embracing our differences, we better serve our purpose, and we all share in success. We fulfil our commitments and build hope for tomorrow by intentionally making choices that reflect our character today. We believe in developing new processes to revolutionize our industry. From back office operations to project management approach, Axe Infra is leading the way. We help develop and follow, key safety processes; as we care about everyone making it home safely at the end of day.
We are young yet have strong entrusted clients and had given commendable results and customer satisfaction. We have completed many projects such Turnkey pool work, all types of water proofing, structural repairs and complete exterior work.
Axe Infra employees are our core. We value our team deeply and provide the tools for them to succeed, so that we can best serve our clients. Our Designers takes consideration of overall scenario and designs the project. We have highly qualified Engineers who plan and develops the project. We have experienced Supervisor who make sure that project route smoothly and eliminate roadblocks. We have certified and professional technicians to complete project on time and within budget for complete customer satisfaction.

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